Start a new The Locker Chapter



You have just made the first step towards getting a Locker at your school. You just have a few more to go.

  1. Go to The Locker website and fill out the interest form (below).
  2. Talk to your principal and counselors about wanting to start The Locker at your school.
  3. Find a teacher that will be your sponsor
  4. Identify a location to house The Locker. Could be a classroom, a closet, or a few shelves!
  5. Set a meeting for all of us to talk either in person, via Skype, or Facetime.
  6. Fill out The Locker agreement and send it back to us along with your $100 annual dues.
  7. Receive $1000 grant from The Locker Foundation
  8. Start helping kids in need!
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