Our History

We Are The Locker - Kids Helping Kids


The Locker was created in 2008 by a group of student athletes that wanted to be more than just athletes. In a few short years this humble, thoughtful Service Learning project has grown into a relevant and vital part of the Georgetown community. In 2013 it appointed its first Board of Directors. In 2014 it became a 501c3 non-profit foundation.

The Locker has become a part of the fabric of Georgetown, Texas. It is an integral part of our schools and our community.

About Us

Mission Statement

The Locker educates and empowers youth, through Service Learning, to meet the needs of others in their community so that every child has a sense of normalcy.


  • Impact community culture so that others embrace intentional Service Learning

  • Address the needs of youth in our community

  • Create regional impact

  • Increase community awareness regarding youth in need though education


“Kids Helping Kids”



The Locker provides a way for students to learn to serve their community and in doing so they help their fellow students in need. Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich learning experienced, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities.

Through Service Learning, students become active community members that are engaged in thoughtful service as they collaborate with their peers and community to create and implement service projects. They learn leadership and valuable real-life lessons. Teams and organizations come together to conduct projects to help their fellow students. This gives students a way to be a part of something bigger than them. It encourages them to look at others from a different perspective.

We create an environment in The Locker that encourages at-risk students to become involved in the leadership of the organization. We have an open, non-threatening atmosphere associated with The Locker. Many times the students that receive aid from The Locker become volunteers for The Locker. This is a very powerful model. The Locker connects students and the community to collaborate to enrich the lives of everyone involved. Those serving are equally transformed as those that are being served. In our model one does not work without the other.

The Locker continues to be a catalyst to connect the community with the needs of the students. We focus on sustainability and collaboration with our community to strengthen our partnerships and discover new partnerships that will mutually benefit kids in needs. The Locker strives to involve others in our projects in a personal way. We have a hands-on approach with the planning and implementation of our projects and events.

The Locker provides life-enhancing items to help students succeed. Some items are: caps and gowns, sports equipment and physicals, extra-curricular expenses, academic fees, field trip fees, work clothes, emergency dentist visits, bicycles and helmets. These items help students succeed. It allows them to stay involved in school activities and connected to school coaches, teachers and peers. Research, like the 40 Developmental Assets, shows that children that are engaged are more successful.

The Locker provides necessities to students in need, on a daily basis, such as: NEW clothing and shoes, healthy snacks, water, bedding, hygiene items and school supplies. These basic items are tools necessary to ensure success in school and everyday life. These items enable students to focus on school and be more successful as a result.  We have physical “lockers” on several campuses. All lockers are open for every student.


The Locker is managed by students. The adults involved are facilitators to help the students. The Locker helps students create Service Learning projects and in doing so they help their fellow students in needs. This makes for a very unique organization that is true to the STARS model of Service Learning.

Each project follows the STARS model:

  • Student Leadership

  • Thoughtful Service

  • Authentic Learning

  • Reflective Practice

  • Sustainable Partnerships

Each school operates as a student club. The students conduct the meetings, create the agenda and implement the projects. Adults are there on an advisory capacity. The Locker Board of Directors has a majority membership consisting of student officers from each of The Locker clubs. The Locker model is unique and effective. The Locker is expanding to other school districts across Texas. The students in Georgetown are not only making a difference in their community, but in other communities across the state.

The Locker is distinctive because it truly is “Kids Helping Kids”!