I am reminded of the humble beginnings of The Locker. I thought I would share with you some of our firsts from 10 years ago..

o  We started with just two shelves

o  We were started by student athletes and athletic trainers that had a desire to help others

o  We had our first brainstorming meeting in Rhonda Farney’s office. Back then that was a desk in the corner of the locker room.

o  Our original name was EAGLE LOCKER

o  Our idea was to provide some hygiene items and school supplies for homeless teens and kids in need AT SCHOOL.

o  Our first mission statement was: The mission of EAGLE LOCKER is to provide an opportunity for Service Learning that is developed and lead by students to bring awareness and assistance to the homeless student population and the students in need in Georgetown ISD. The students will engage the community and school district in partnership to help provide for the needs of every child, every day in our schools in a caring, non-judgmental and discreet environment.

o  We had a lot of big ideas and enthusiasm

o  We talked to anyone that would listen to us

o  We were passionate about helping others

o  First motto was “Eagle athletes helping each other on and off the field” and then as we started to branch out “Be the change you wish to see in others”

o  We worked hard and grew fast

o  We quickly became a thrift shop for kids

o  We started a movement of awareness of what homelessness looked like in our community and our schools.


The Locker has grown so much over these past 10 years. Next month I will share with you some of our accomplishments. We had big dreams when we started. We have surpassed those dreams. We continue to set new goals and move forward.


Thank you all so much for your support along this adventure.