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The Locker has expanded!

Round Rock High opens Dragon Locker

Round Rock High School students in need won’t have to go further than the front office to access anything from clothing to school supplies, all located in the newly opened Dragon Locker.

Career and Technical Education teachers Tiffanie Harrison and Monica Oliver started the Dragon Locker after hearing a presentation from Cedar Ridge High School teacher Kristi Mitchell, who started the Raider Locker as a project based learning initiative during the fall semester.

The facility is housed in the front office of Round Rock High School and is fitted with shelves full of clothing, shoes, undergarments, school supplies, toiletries and food. Unlike the Raider Locker, which is a dedicated student project, the Dragon Locker is an opportunity for students to gain volunteer hours. Harrison and Oliver’s CTE students also take responsibility for organizing the clothing and food bank.

“If we can provide the basic necessities for students, then that can enhance their learning experience,” Harrison said. “This is a safe place. We never know what’s going on at home for them so to be able to provide this service and for students to provide that for their peers is really amazing.”

Since the service opened last week, Oliver said students have already begun visiting the Dragon Locker to look at the inventory and take what is needed. The visits are intended to be as private as possible and students do not have to register or sign into the room.

“We had a student go in and I think they were overwhelmed that they could take whatever was needed,” Oliver said. “We never watch students inside the Dragon Locker, so we trust that they will take only what they need.”

Students and staff at Round Rock have responded well to calls for donations, but there are still needs for the service. Hanging racks and hangers are needed to display the recent coat and prom dress donations. Businesses are also welcome to donate coupons, but cash donations will not be accepted, Harrison and Oliver added.

“There’s no stigma attached to Dragon Locker, so you don’t have to be in extreme financial need to use the service,” Harrison said. “If you need anything and don’t have it, this is a resource for you and we like that it’s not restricted.”

Jarrell High School is starting a Locker!

The Locker met with JHS staff on Monday, January 5th, to help them get on track to start their own Locker! We can't wait to see what the future holds for the JHS Locker! 



There is now a Locker at Rouse High School! Great job!

Teachers at Cedar Ridge High School have taken a philanthropic approach to the district’s project-based learning initiative by working with students to create an in-school clothing and food bank.

The Raider Locker was started by professional communications teacher Kristi Mitchell, who mirrored the project off Georgetown High School’s Eagle Locker with permission from the organizers.

“We have so many students that just need additional help to keep them focused on their academics and keep their mind off the struggles of getting new clothes or food,” Mitchell said. “Keeping in mind the baggage that the students carry emotionally every day, if we can help them out so they can focus and graduate from high school, that’s more important for me than coming up with an academic school project.”

The service is in a locked area of the office and is available to any student at the high school that needs assistance. Students do not have to be identified as economically disadvantaged before using the service and there is no sign-in or sign-out record required to see what each student took.

Along with clothing and food items, there are also toiletries and school supplies available to students in need.

Mitchell recruited teachers from various departments to participate in the project, which she hopes will spread to all five district high schools. Mitchell’s PALS class was responsible for writing donation letters, organizing the donations and keeping an inventory while other department students took on the logo design, donation boxes and a website.

Construction students in Neil Little’s class built multiple shelving and cabinet units to store the food and clothing for the Raider Locker.

As the service expands, the students will build cabinets for various purposes, including a large wardrobe to display formal dresses and accessories for prom.

“Knowing that their work directly benefits the community has been meaningful for our students,” Little said. “It especially hits home to the students when they go to readjust the cabinets and take new measurements. That’s when they see that their shelving and cabinets are being used. The kids always amaze me with their abilities.”

Article can be found at https://www.roundrockisd.org/cedar-ridge-teachers-start-raider-locker-for-students-in-need/

CONGRATULATIONS to BLAKE SMITHSON!! Blake was awarded the SCAC Conference Character and Community Award for the month of September! He is a Southwestern Soccer player that volunteers his time helping with THE LOCKER. He tutors and mentors our EVHS students! He helps bring awareness to THE LOCKER and our needs to the Southwestern University campus. Blake is a perfect example of what makes THE LOCKER unique and successful....Kids helping kids! Thanks Blake for supporting THE LOCKER and being so AwEsOMe!!!